Barracuda Point

There is no need to describe this diving point which guarantees its main characteristic in its name.

Anchoring on a rocky bottom between 7 and 12 meters, where already at the beginning of the dive you have the opportunity to view a large number of parrot fish.

Here begins the journey towards the deepest part of the dive which is around 27 meters where we find them a large rift full of “Corvine”. The diving landscape is characterised by a rocky seabed gradual fall till the 9 m plateau provides us with a multi-level dive between 15 and 27 m.

Very often, a few minutes from the start of the dive, there are large schools of barracudas that give us company during the dive together with large groupers, ducts and golden groupers.


Profondità minima:
9 mt
Profondità massima:
30 mt