Cala Bianca

Definitely a fascinating dive for the environment and for the numerous fish that we will see but at the same time demanding due to the current and the depth. Following the drop wall we will enjoy thick gorgonie while on the opposite side there are huge rocks which are particularly interesting for what they offer to whom love to take photos.

Halfway along the route the wall takes on a slightly degrading ascent. Even the most distract diver certainly cannot stop to being struck by the beauty of the branches of Gerardia Savaglia which become the protagonists in this stretch.  Satisfied with the experience, we resume our excursion going up towards the wide seabed were is not difficult find a barracuda schools.

 Of course we will have several minutes of deco to be disposed of but nothing is compared to the 35/40 minutes spent below.


Profondità minima:
20 mt
Profondità massima:
42 mt