Cala Martina II

Twin of Cala Martina 1 but this dive differs thanks to the presence of a beautiful arch positioned at a depth of 19 meters which ends up on the 25 meters overlooking a seabed in the sand full of large rocks covered with encrusting sponges , branches of red, yellow and white gorgonians  and branches of Leptogorgia Sarmentosa.

From mid-September and throughout October we had the good fortune to make meetings with Sea eagles that fly over our heads without getting too close, just the time for a short photographic memory.

Going up we have the opportunity to admire the large brown groupers sitting into the small caves and the golden groupers along the border of the drop.

For the photographers lover in the large rocks that are located on about 15 / 17 mt we can admire the small Flabelline who always keep us company.


Profondità minima:
14 mt
Profondità massima:
42 mt