The real Queen of the island. From the seabed of rocks and Posidonia around 16 meters we look out seeing an anonymous sandy bottom. Who would say that hidden at 29 meters deep is the entrance to this majestic cave, about 90 meters long and 8 meters wide? As per briefing we gather in front of its entrance, , the final OK before entering and from this moment on we let the cave transmit unexpected feelings that lead us to a timeless reality.

Stalactites and stalagmites characterise the second half of the path, the crystal clear water gives us the feeling of being suspended as if we were flying. plenty of emotions running through our mind. Looking at the computer we notice that the cave is degrading up to 14 meters of depth. It is at this exact point that the Cathedral will proudly display a natural surprise on which to aim the torch while maintaining a distance of 6/7 meters. We take the way back by exploring the rest of the cave But it is not the fish that catches our attention in this dive but rather that surreal atmosphere created thanks to the rays of the sun that filter through the water to the entrance of the cave. We regain the exit with the best memories.


Profondità minima:
15 mt
Profondità massima:
29 mt