Cretazzo esterno

Large rocks, red gorgonian and astrospartus. this is what awaits us at the Cretazzo Esterno. Difficult dive with anchoring done on 30 meters and profile on 40/45 meters. From the small drop that from 29 meters brings us to 35 meters we can find a seabed initially consisting of rock and algae which changes thanks to its area consisting of large rocks and sand. Follow the small wall on the right admiring the large gorgonians, the astro spartus and the large groupers that hide in the small caves.

In the areas most detached from the wall, you are lucky enough to find some torpedo that camouflages itself in the sand during the hatching period during September when the water is a little warmer. The Axinelle present throughout the dive color the place even without the use of artificial lighting.

For a best dive in this point is better if you’ve got at least reach the Tec 40 license or equivalent to enjoy it at it’s maximum.


Profondità minima:
30 mt
Profondità massima:
45 mt