Grotta con le due camere

A dive that is often chosen as the second dive of the day. Funny for its itinerary, particularly suitable for lovers of caves and passages. Anchored in a small bay called Cala Sarde we gain with a short approach the entrance of a cave not particularly large but which hides inside two air chambers that allow divers to remove the regulator and spend a comment on the beauty of the rooms. We spend the rest of the exploration of the cave between passages and ascents coming into contact with an environment rich in cerianti and populated with corvines, magnos and shrimps. Once out of the cave, continue between passages  towards the open sea and descend until  a hidden passage between huge rocks covered with algae, which points straight down. Letting ourselves be swallowed by the mini black hole we find ourselves surprised in a tunnel with a sandy bottom. In a strict Indian row we walk the tunnel for about ten meters finding ourselves on a sandy seabed where often there are hidden Mediterranean small rays to observe us with it’s curious eyes.


Profondità minima:
10 mt
Profondità massima:
26 mt