Grotta Perciata

located in the area between Punta Mugnone and Punta Libeccio, in the called zone A of the reserve, We are not allowed to anchor.

 The dive takes place in the cave maintaining a constant depth for the duration of the dive. here, explore the lower part with your torch looking for the  lobsters  hidden under the rocks. Large scorpionfish blend perfectly with the environment around them. We continue until we reach the bottom of the cave full of cracks and ravines where to browse. The height of the cave allows us to get up a few meters by discovering a wall  populated by millions of tiny shrimp. It is an explosion of colors. on our way back to the boat, We proceed by visiting the upper part  full of conger eels and moray eels that reside in this area of ​​the cave. with lots of sun rays coming trough, is definitely a great exit of the cave for  the best shots of any underwater photographer.


Profondità minima:
18 mt
Profondità massima:
22 mt