Parete di Punta Bassana

One of the most suggestive dives in Marettimo . at 10 meters deep, begins the first phase of the dive which will be nothing more than a transfer  between groupers, sea bream and damsels.

We will seem to fly suspended between the 20/25 meters of water that separate us from the bottom. Once we reach our X point we will drop to the maximum depth of 36 meters, reaching  the extreme part of the dive.

At this point, with a torch, we aim at the wall of sea fans on our left discovering hidden hermit crabs . You need to pay attention to cracks  to continue finding marine life.

We almost climb up to 15 meters where, waiting for us, we find a bank of sea bream that dance from one side and the other of this submerged mountain. in This exact point also is not difficult to enjoy barracudas and snappers that often dive with their jaws wide open in the schools of small prey.

Taking the way back, we come across a small canyon that takes us straight to the entrance of a spacious cave whose walls are home to lots of marine life. The size of the cave does not present any danger even for those who do not like cave dive.

eating from the cave, we coming back to  6 meters deep but this show offered by the orange-plastered walls in the final phase of our dive makes us full of emotions for our dive.


Profondità minima:
8 mt
Profondità massima:
40 mt