Scoglio Spandillo

Shoal located in front of the famous Cala Conca  in the south of Marettimo.

The dive is on a square line between 25 and 30 meters maximum. The shoal has a series of rocks surrounded by a sandy bottom. The large rocks are covered with madrepora and sponges. The rock most exposed to Libeccio wind is totally covered with red gorgonians which are always open with large branches for the presence of current where the site is located. In the middle of the rock there is a small passage with a double entrance that allows a beautiful game of light and is the perfect habitat for a large brown resident grouper. On a depth of about 27 meters we have the presence of a beautiful tonnara anchor positioned with its arrows towards the SOUTH. The ascent and descent of this point are carried out trough the chain in the emerald blue waters of Marettimo.


Profondità minima:
24 mt
Profondità massima:
30 mt