Secca del Cammello

Not far from the “Camel Rock” dive, we find this interesting shoal. Going down the chain we see school of boghe and castagnole that live over the hat around 20 meters. We dedicate the first part of the dive to a passage that gives us encounters with scorpion fish of threatening dimensions but it is at the entrance of the hidden passage that we discover the charm of this shoal. The exit leads us to the maximum depth of 36 meters while in the blue, the dentix in front of our eyes hunts for an easy prey. We spend the rest of the dive, climbing slowly to lower altitudes to dispose of the few minutes of deco eventually taken by going to the opposite side from which we got off. It is on this journey that we are pleased to check that this is the home of conger eels and moray eels but also not only shy groupers and dentix.

A dive that offers different itineraries and at the most free of current.


Profondità minima:
18 mt
Profondità massima:
38 mt