Born in Palermo, in Sicily, he had fallen in love with the sea when he was just a child. He started dealing with diving when he was very young, including free diving activity, and in 2005 started his first diving course.
In 2006, thanks to his dad, he attended a course to become a diving archeological photographer, which pushed him to apply for the university of Bologna, for the marine archaeology course and for the TOU (Technical Operator Underwater) course.Thanks to this course, he started working as a diver in Egypt, enjoying the possibility to connect his passion with his work.After working for a while, he decided to keep on studying, pausing just for working on some archeological underwater sites.He graduated after few years, and started his beautiful experience as Dive Guide in San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) in 2011. Next year, he found the amazing Marettimo island where decided to stay. In 2013, he became a Technical Operator Iperbaric and the next year, PADI instructor.What are you waiting for? Let’s board El Merendero which will show you the amazing sea bottom only Marettimo can offer!


Sicilian artist connected to people, to her country and to the sea. It’s in Marettimo where she found the perfect bound among them three.

In 2013 she became Technical Operator Iperbaric and, fallen in love with diving, collected her first scuba diving licenses in Marettimo sea bottom.
A kind of jolly, who can work not only underwater, but also on the ground, she also takes care of clients’ wellness through her antigravity yoga classes, hanging on trees’ branches in the beautiful pine grove.